Moving Terminology

MOVING TERMINOLOGY As with any specialty service, moving is no exception when it comes to having its own special lingo or terminology. When you are signing papers that are going to cost you money out of your own pocket, that could be equivalent to the cost of your first car (or more) its critical that you know and understand what you are signing, before you sign on the dotted line. With our many years of experience, we at Metropolitan Movers know that an informed mover is a happy mover, with that in mind our staff has taken the time to … Continue reading

Tips For Moving Specialty Items

The following are a list of details that you and Metropolitan Moving will require in order to get your items bid, quoted, contracted and delivered on time and within budget. Understand what you are moving. Have every detail and specification available when you call for a quote and bid – size, dimensions, weight (if you know it), make or model, if any specific temperature is required for Art or Medical equipment and if the item(s) require special handling (such as an upright position) during movement. Convey any hazardous risk information or special handling needs during the company survey of your … Continue reading

How To Choose A Storage Facility

When moving your residence from one place to another – either locally, interstate or interntationally, transition is a word that often describes what occurs for both possessions and people. Transition of possessions oftentimes requires creative thinking and a willingness to store your items for at least some period of time. When choosing a storage facility, there are multiple factors that need to be considered. We at Metropolitan Movers believe that the better information you have to call upon, the better your overall moving and storage experience will be. To help you with this, our staff have taken the time to … Continue reading

How To Prepare For Moving

So you are moving…… along with the many decisions associated with any move, come the logistics of how to go about the process of moving. For any move, preparation can make the difference between a smooth transition to a new location or a chaotic and unpredictable lead up to a less than enjoyable moving day. Your belongings have a value to you irregardless of their actual monetary worth, otherwise you would not bother to move them with you when you change your locale. With that fact in mind, read on and learn about how to prepare for moving in the … Continue reading

How To Move Your Car

Moving a vehicle of any type from one location to another is something that happens frequently. Auto dealerships and heavy equipment specialists do this all the time both nationally and internationally. Typically the first question you have is price. “How much will it cost me to ship my vehicle?” However we recommend that you approach the shipping of your vehicle logically and as an informed consumer so you can mitigate the chance of problems occuring. Below are the details you will require to know about and have available in order to ship your vehicle from one destination to another in … Continue reading

How To Move Your Business

After signing a moving contract, the next order of business is packing. Whether a residential move of yourself, your family, a loved one or a corporate business. Packing is the universal common denominator for every relocation and extraordinarly daunting for most people. Packing services vary according to personal needs and the contract you have signed. When packing the key is planning, keeping it simple and staying focussed on the task at hand. Metropolitan Movers are a full service relocation moving company and can help you plan your business or residential move. Our sole purpose is to work for you – … Continue reading

How To Move Internationally

Having made the decision to relocate yourself, your family and/or your business or you have an international business role in your state side company, the next step is to evaluate your specific needs and then engage a moving company with international moving experience and specialists who can guide you through the process of international relocation. Moving with an international relocation at its core, is a more challenging process for everyone involved and choosing exceptional International Moving specialists, is always in your own best interests. Metropolitan Moving specialists are exceptional service providers and will offer you the best experience when you … Continue reading

How To Move Elderly Parents

How to Move elderly parents The inevitablity of life is the aging process and it happens to all of humanity. As the population ages and lives longer, elderly parents live out their golden or senior years independently for as long as they safely can. Ultimately adult children, who may or may not live in the same geographical area as their folks, are having to make difficult decisions with, and sometimes without, their parents approval. This may mean moving elderly and sometimes semi-dependent parents, into their own homes or into supported or assisted living situations. My own grandmother lived alone until … Continue reading