Auto Moving

Metropolitan Movers provides auto moving services that you can count on in the transportation industry. We love to move you and your possessions – with our top notch customer focused service, professionally trained staff and specialists, plus our dedication to making your moving experience the very best, Metropolitan Movers is the only choice you need to make.

Auto moving is just one aspect of vehicle transportation we offer. We also offer services to move collectable cars, bikes, motorcycles, boats, yachts, jet skis, tractors, heavy equipment, small autos, large S UV’s – you name it and we will be there to help you relocate it safely, securely and always with the greatest care and attention.

When moving your auto and vehicles there are many details to consider. We have developed an Automobile and Vehicle transportation tips sheet, so you will never find yourself not knowing what you need to do. We have taken the time to produce this because you are our priority.

Vehicle transportation does have a limited amount of flexibility within the transportation process that allows you to make the most of your auto moving dollars. If you plan to transport or pick up your vehicle outside of the United States, there are additional steps required in order to comply with all legal and department of transportation laws. This may limit your ability, and ours, to highly customize any overseas auto move. With this in mind, Metropolitan Movers does offer the following services to allow you to customize your auto move for your specific needs and budget.
Door-to-door service – an employee picks up your vehicle from your door and delivers it to the door of the new destination. Typically this service is required for inoperable vehicles.
Terminal-to-terminal – you are required to drop the vehicle at an auto carrier terminal and your vehicle is loaded at that location. You or your representative must pick up your vehicle at a terminal when it reaches its destination.
Door to Terminal – A mix of the above terminal and door services.
Open transportation – Commonly autos and large equipment are transported on the back of an auto carrier truck. The vehicles and autos are exposed to outside elements and road debris.
Closed transportation – More costly, this option offers allows their auto or vehicle to be enclosed inside a truck which is locked and protected from weather, road debris and accessibility during the move.

During the transportation of a vehicle or heavy equipment of any kind, its important to know and understand the inherent risks your vehicle may encounter. Though every transport is approached with care and attention, we at Metropolitan Movers offer you the resources and knowledge you need, along with guidance from our highly trained auto moving specialists. Make the right choice for you and your vehicles – move with Metropolitan Movers auto moving services. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.