Business And Corporate Movers

Having decided to relocate your business or corporation, after identifying and working with your realtor to find the space for you and your business needs, its time to find the ideal business and corporate movers. With efficiency, budget, business needs and ROI high on your priority list, we at Metropolitan Movers can step up to help you undertake the last task in completing your business move.

Metropolitan Movers is a full service moving company with many years of hands on industry experience, moving both large and small businesses. Whether you are moving down the block, across the city or relocating your business into another state to control your overhead, we work hard to understand and meet your moving expectations and needs.

Metropolitan Movers’ business move specialists start by developing effective working relationships with your key staff, which in turn leads to an in-depth understanding of your business operations. We focus on keeping your business fully operational during your business relocation and always work to minimize any downtime.

We offer several business moving options for your convenience and budget needs.
Full service moves – where we come in, survey your business, meet with your personnel to understand your business and what is required, develop the necessary plans for the move, then we execute every part of your business relocation. This can include assisting you and your business with coordination and install of new business services and utilities, equipment set up – we always use experts when possible to ensure your business operations continue uninterrupted.
Partial service moves – this move is for businesses who need some support and assistance but who are willing to engage in some pre-packing of straightforward items and any equipment that does not require specialty services. We support you and your staff in planning for your relocation and offer support business moving services where needed. This is the often the most cost effective approach to moving your business, where you remain in control and yet still know your business can rely on Metropolitan Movers knowledge and service orientated approach.
Do-it-yourself support moves – Easily the least costly of all the business moves, this type of move requires you as a business owner to put in extraordinary amounts of effort outside of your normal business hours and ongoing customer relationships and needs. If you are relying on your employees to help, we want to remind you of the risks of on the job injuries and accidents related to moving, which could potentially have an ongoing cost associated with it. We typically only recommend this type of move for very small businesses who are looking to expand into a larger space. With our industry experience we know that DIY business moves do not always improve your bottom line, in part because it takes away from your core business of serving your customer base.

Whatever your business move needs, we know at Metropolitan Movers we can meet and exceed your expectations. There are few limits to our service and we stop at nothing to keep your business and employees productive during a business move. At Metropolitan Movers we know we can safely and securely move your business and livelihood. Call us now for a free no-obligation consultation and find out why so many other business and corporate movers use us at their movers of choice.

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