Commercial Movers

Metropolitan Movers is a full service moving company with a renowned specialty service for commercial movers.

When making a commercial move, extensive planning is the key to managing the details and ensuring your efficiency needs are met, along with any risks of your commercial business move being mitigated as much as possible.

With many years of commercial moving experience, we know Metropolitan Movers is the right choice for you and your commercial moving needs. Sustaining your business while minimizing disruption to both your employees and business matters to both you and Metropolitan Movers.

Our hours of operation are dictated by you and your business or commercial needs and our highly trained professional staff work efficiently to execute your commercial blueprint from your old commercial space into your new commercial location. Metropolitan Movers offer a diverse range of services enabling you to customize your move:

Specialist commercial moving consultants who meet with you and your team to survey your old space and identify your specific commercial needs and review plans for your new commercial space.
A blueprint service to help you plan and execute the critical details of a commercial move enabling your business to move seamlessly into your new space. We always offer superior opportunities for your commercial moving business needs.
Specialty commercial packing service utilizing our own “White Glove Embrace” technique for furniture and electronics. We also use industry standard packing materials for remaining items ensuring that we protect and securely move your business and commercial equipment.
Management and legal compliance with any documentation that requires relocation in order to protect your customer/client information base. Though many businesses are now paperless or minimize any paper used, archived information must still meet and exceed all legal compliance requirements as state and federally mandated for your area of commerce.
Full service commercial packing – This choice is made after your meet with our specialist commercial moving consultant. With full service commercial packing, we pack everything using our state of the art approach and we deliver and unpack according to your new space blueprint.
Partial commercial packing service – A sustainable cost saving approach, where we use our expertise to pack more complex, fragile or specialty commercial equipment that you identify as necessary, while you and your team pack the remainder of your business using our recommended packing techniques and materials. You can source materials from us at highly competitive rates or purchase kits from an outside supplier.
Resources and guidance through the entire process.
We recognize that commercial moves require additional planning and consideration of space and accessibility. We will always assist you in communicating with your new landlord to identify any potential accessibility issues – either at street level or within the building that will impact the possibility of a smooth commercial move.
Our fleet of vans are well maintained and we guarantee you and your goods are safe, secure and well protected during your commercial move.

We know that making a commercial move is a huge undertaking and the right choice often increases your ability to better serve your customer base, thereby increasing your opportunities to expand and build your commercial interests. Making great choices is critical to any business change you undertake, so take out the guess work, reduce your worry and choose Metropolitan Movers commercial movers services – you will be glad you did!

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