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Metropoliton Movers offers the industry’s finest service for International Movers. An international relocation comes with its own set of challenges. The challenges can have a degree of complexity that demands professionals on the job to guide you through the maze of an international move and a support team who’s devoted and readily available for you from beginning to end.

Metropolitan Movers is a business with many years of experience moving both business, and residential movers across the world – from key international cities to tiny out of the way destinations abroad.

If you have a place you need to move to, we’ll have a way to move you there.

Metropolitan Movers knows and understands the complexities of moving internationally. We’ll assign you an International Moving Specialist – an expertly trained individual who will make it easier to navigate your international relocation from packing, storage and any language barriers that you encounter. We offer three options to international movers:

Complete service packing: Our specialist survey staff meet with you at your residence or company, to survey your goods and clarify the particulars of our full service packing solutions. This type of moving service is a worry free, properly managed experience for you that utilizes state of the art packing techniques to protect and preserve your possessions as they move from North America to a destination abroad. It is recommended for most international movers.

Partial Packing service: Our professional survey staff meet with you in your house or at your business. Our experts survey your goods and offer details about our partial packing service. This alternative requires your involvement and dedication to packing and protecting some of the goods, and you may depend on us to pack all fragile, specialty items, breakables and any electronics you might be taking overseas. The partial packing solutions we provide can assist with cost control. However, please note you need to commit to meeting all deadlines and complete all paperwork accurately for customs clearance purposes, in order for the goods to be moved on time and on budget.

DIY Moving Service: The lowest level of support we are able to supply an international mover, this do it your self approach relies on your personal ability to complete all tasks associated with protecting, reducing space requirements, following all customs documentation requirements and meeting every deadline that you have agreed to.

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