Local Movers

Metropolitan Movers is one of the top rated local movers in the industry. We are able to move you locally no matter where you need moving services. We customize our moving services to meet your specific needs. We assign a Metropolitan moving specialist to work directly with you and offer you resources to ease your pending move. Efficiency matters from our door and through yours, we work for you and plan your move according to your local needs.

For local movers, self packing or a DIY approach can be a very cost efficient choice to make. Whether you choose our outstanding packing services or your own efforts to pack your goods and possessions, know that they will be moved with the same care and attention we apply to every job we undertake.

Metropolitan Movers is a the smart choice for savvy and informed local movers. With a local move you have many options available to customize your moving experience.

DIY or self packing – where you do the bulk of the work and we offer support and transportation for your goods.
Storage – both short term and long term storage secure service options are available to you.
Custom Packing – you choose what you want our professional packers to protect.
Fragile only packing – you identify your fragile and high value items that require protection and we use our state of the art packing materials to protect your goods.
Partial Packing – you choose and we offer a partial packing local move for your possessions. We love to pack your goods in the best way possible, so let us do our best for you.
full service packing – this is a full service and worry free move for you and your goods. We pack every item you own, relocate what you require to your new residence or place of business and help you find storage. We use our packing professionals to safely protect your possessions and ensure you receive the very best of our staff and resources. This is an excellent choice for moving dependent or semi dependent relatives if you are unable to assist in this process yourself.

When moving locally, know that Metropolitan Movers is a great choice for your and your local moving needs. We always work for you, our customer and strive to meet your every moving expectation. Whether moving down the block or across town, we will help make your transition as stress free as possible, while offering you the highest value for your moving dollar. Give Metropolitan Movers a call now, we look forward to serving you.

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