Moving Supplies

No matter the type of move you are making – a full service, partial pack or DIY move, you will always require moving supplies and often you will need more resources than you anticipated. The size of the move also dictates the quantities of moving supplies you will need. Metropolitan Movers offers the following moving supplies at highly competitive prices:

Professional Packing tape.

Boxes – assorted varieties and sizes for books, electronics, clothing, wardrobe, and many other uses.

Bubble wrap – this is used to protect fragile and high value items.

Acid free tissue – use this for items that require protection from inks and outside influences like heat and moisture during your move.

Tissue paper – to wrap knick knacks that require a little extra protection while inside the box.

Mattress boxes – these will serve to protect your mattress and base from getting ripped, marked or damaged during your move.

Shrink wrap – available in large rolls, this moving supply will help protect your soft furnishings and furniture from damage during relocation.

Packing peanuts and foam sheeting – will offer you some additional padding when filling boxes or wrapping objects such as picture frames and pictures.

Crates – pianos, mirrors, large pieces of glass (from table tops), antiques and artwork all do best in the hands of professionals. Custom crating is the best and cheapest additional insurance for your precious goods.

We also offer moving packages with sufficient supplies for moves of various sizes.

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