Packing Services

Metropolitan Movers is a full service moving company and industry leader. As experts in moving both people and businesses we offer all the packing services you may require for your relocation. In addition we offer packing services to those individuals or businesses who are undertaking major renovations and need packing services and storage of items during the renovation process.

From large or small personal moves or commercial and business moves, Metropolitan Movers can help you achieve your packing needs. As a moving industry leader we know an expert and successful move is always built on paying attention to your particular and unique packing needs.

Packing items using our industry trained professionals offers movers the security of knowing that your items are always packed in the best way possible, using every available space in a box or container and in the case of damage or loss, the contract will offer recourse for your situation. This expertise generally equates with saved dollars in the long run.

Packing services with Metropolitan Movers offers every opportunity for you to safeguard your possessions, reduce your requirement for packing materials because of professional techniques and potentially reducing the size of your moving truck by maximizing the use of any safe and usable box/container space during the packing process. Choosing professional packing services also offers you the advantage of taking every possible precaution with your belongings by protecting them fully during your relocation.

We at Metropolitan Movers offer a full array of packing services for those undertaking either a personal or commercial/business move:

Full Service Packing – This is packing service at its very best, where we do everything on your behalf. We handle the stress and planning, the packing, dis-assembly of furniture and appliances for safe transportation, unpacking and re-assembly of items, installation of appliances as required and disposal of packing materials. A full service packing experience is oftentimes the best option for families who are relocating elderly relatives and those who are semi or fully dependent. The dollars may initially appear to be higher upfront, but you must factor in the cost of your own time packing, the cost of any and all packing supplies, fuel costs, researching and hiring the right truck for your needs as well as the time required for unpacking and the disposal of packing materials.

Partial Packing – this is the option that can be one of the most cost effective choices you make when relocating. After your items are surveyed by Metropolitan Movers you select what items you consider are high value (sentimental or real $ value), very fragile, are specialty items requiring special handling or any area that you think would be difficult for you to access and pack yourself. We undertake to pack and protect these items using industry standard techniques and you are responsible for packing and protecting the remainder of your belongings. At pick up all items are inventoried as they are loaded. At your destination, as we unload, we re-inventory your items with you and place them into your home or place of business.

Packing yourself vs using professionally trained experts can be a difficult decision for anyone. It can also make for a very different outcome at your new destination. With the highly trained team of packing experts we employ, we know you will enjoy the security offered by full or partial packing with Metropolitan Movers.

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