Residential Movers

When moving your household you have many residential movers to choose from. Metropolitan Movers is the right choice. Professionally trained individuals make our staff the people you want on the job. From our door to yours we pride ourselves on what we do. Efficiency matters to both you and us, so be sure you make the right choice – Metropolitan Movers will move your world across town, across the country or to a distant location in another country.

Every household is different so we design our services so they can be customized for any residential need. Like you, we do not like surprise’s so our professionally trained sales and survey staff will ask you the right questions and review all items that you need relocated. We try to be as thorough as possible from the beginning so there are no surprises come moving day.

Our specialists will work with you directly to guide you through the steps of making a residential move. Whether this is your first move or you are a seasoned pro at relocating, we will remove worrying from the equation for you. With Metropolitan Movers you are getting years of experience with a company that values our integrity as much as our customers.

We offer three service levels to fit any budget:

Full and comprehensive packing/unpacking. This style of move provides you with a no effort, completely worry-free experience. We will survey your goods and take a fully detailed inventory of your possessions. We ask you questions, provide you with any information you need and answer any questions you have for us. We discuss insurance coverage for you needs and possessions We then arrange a moving schedule with you. Our staff arrive on site as scheduled and ready to pack your possessions. We use packing materials that are the industry best. Every fragile item is protected, your furniture wrapped and other items boxed as needed. We then inventory the entire home and load your items onto our full service equipment. We take as much care of our truck fleet as we do of your possessions. Your goods will be well protected in an air ride compartment, free from any outdoor elements and secure from your old door to your new location. When we arrive at your new residence, we unload and re-inventory your possessions. We protect your new location with appropriate materials including floor coverings and corner wall protectors. We relocate your possessions as you need, unpack your belongings, install appliances and remove all packing materials.

Partial Packing/unpacking. You identify your high value and fragile items such as dishes, glasses, and mirrors. We pack those items using state of the art packing techniques and crate them if necessary. Then we pack what you have not. Your items are inventoried and loaded onto our air ride vans. Your goods are re-inventoried as they are unloaded, and delivered to your new residence. We protect your new residence with floor and corner wall coverings and unload into your home. We will unpack as much as your contract reflects and leave the rest to you.
The Do It Yourself move. This is the most cost efficient move for you if you are on a tight budget, but you do have to complete every task involved in packing, unpacking and discarding all packing materials used for your items. You can purchase packing materials at very competitive prices from us or seek packing kits at your local packaging materials store. You must commit to completing every aspect of your DIY move and its associated costs and we provide only the support services you require.

Find out how stress free your move can be with Metropolitan Movers’ residential movers services. Contact us today for a highly competitive quote.