Special Item Movers

Metropolitan Movers uses our own white glove embrace wrapping technique to carefully and safely ship your specialty items to your new destination. These include but are not limited to:
1. Piano’s and organs
2. Art
3. Antiques
4. Pool tables
5. Specialty medical equipment

Turn the complexities of moving your high value specialty items into a positive, multi-layered relocation experience. You can move these items across town, across the continent or internationally and know that we take every care possible to ensure the safe delivery of your items to your new destination.

We want to make sure your specialty item is moved properly. As such we do require additional details in order to get your items bid, quoted, contracted and delivered on time and within budget.

Have every detail and specification available when you call for a quote and bid – size, dimensions, weight (if you know it), make or model, if any specific temperature is required for Art or Medical equipment and if the item(s) require special handling (such as an upright position) during movement.

Communicate when and how any specific environmental needs are going to be met prior to the delivery of your items – this could include additional security (in person or building), ambient temperature, electrical equipment etc.

For specialty items arrange for yourself or your representative to be present at all times during the packing, loading, unloading and relocation of the item into its new locale.

When you contact us for a quote our representatives will go through with you exactly which details we will need.

Metropolitan Movers has developed our own white glove embrace wrapping technique. This provides a guarantee that your items will be well protected and that all care is taken during the relocation of your specialty item.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation specialty item moving quote.